Join us as we dive into the world of alternative proteins through the lens of career journeys. Hosted by Sam Fisher, a seasoned Career and Executive Coach, this podcast aims to inspire and empower listeners to pursue fulfilling careers in the alt protein industry.

✓ Gain insights and actionable advice from professionals across various roles in the alt protein sector.

✓ Discover diverse career paths and learn how to navigate your own journey within or related to alt proteins.

✓ Get motivated to pursue your career aspirations with stories of success, challenges, and lessons learned.

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About the Podcast

Each episode delves into the unique experiences and insights of individuals within the alt protein sector, offering a rich tapestry of stories and perspectives. Whether you're just starting your career journey or seeking to advance to new heights, you'll find inspiration and guidance in our 20-30 minute episodes. Experience a light-hearted yet informative tone that keeps you entertained while you learn.

Meet the Host

Sam Fisher is your guide through the world of building a career in alt proteins. Known for asking great questions and uncovering hidden insights, Sam brings a unique perspective to each episode. Sam is a respected Career and Executive Coach with expertise in the alt protein sector, and a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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Explore our executive coaching services tailored for individuals in the alt protein industry. Work with Sam to refine your career goals, develop strategies, and achieve success in your career. Reach out to Sam at to set up an initial consultation (please include your availability.)