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Who we are

Sam Fisher, Executive Coach

Sam is an experienced executive coach in the alt protein, business, and technology industries. As a graduate of Stanford Business School and former startup founder, Sam has a unique understanding of the demands and challenges that come with high-impact roles. Sam has helped numerous founders, young professionals, and young executives discover fulfilling career paths, prepare for interviews, and set and achieve goals while prioritizing personal well-being.

Caroline Colwell, Marketing Manager

Caroline brings a wealth of experience in financial analysis, marketing, and business strategy from her experiences at Pitney Bowes and Juniper Square. She is determined to apply her professional career to making a positive impact in the world. Caroline holds a B.A from Yale University.

Sacha Langer, Career Consultant

Sacha spent several years working in advertising at Google before pursuing her M.B.A. at Harvard Business School. Since graduating from Harvard, she has spent time with cultivated meat and foodtech companies in business and operations leadership roles. Sacha is a successful MBA Admissions Consultant and is passionate about applying her experience to helping others find careers they're excited about in the alt protein space.

Emily Ten Eyck, Talent Partner, Executive Search

Emily brings 10 years of professional experience in recruiting, talent acquisition and executive search specializing in helping mission-driven companies hire and retain executive leadership. She has worked with thousands of clients and candidates from premier companies such as Ripple, Michelin, General Motors, Lyft, Uber, Google, PayPal, Electronic Arts, Robinhood, Airbnb, Pinterest, EVERY, Mission Barns, Food Solutions Action, and many more. Emily holds a B.A. from Cornell University. 

Jennifer Wynn, HR Strategy Partner

Over her two-decade-long career, Jennifer has become an established thought leader, her influence spanning diverse organizational landscapes from Fortune 500 corporations to grassroots nonprofits. As a long-time advocate for environmental and animal protection, her personal mission is to enable the proliferation of sustainable, humane solutions for the masses, with a key focus on alternative proteins and materials. Jennifer holds an M.B.A in Business & Sustainability from Yale School of Management and an M.A. in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology from The University of Tulsa. 

Noga Golan, Founder & Managing Director

Noga’s professional experience spans several years in private equity and venture investing to working as a marketing leader in financial technology. Noga holds an M.B.A. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Additionally, she served three years in the Israeli military as a commanding officer (rank: Lieutenant.)

Ruvi, Pawject Manager

Ruvi brings 7 years of cuteness, pawsitivity, and fetch skills to the team. He is an excellent recruiter, networker, and motivator. Ruvi's primary areas of focus at Alt Protein Careers are bringing people together and managing pawjects.