Podcast Launch & Other News🎤

  • By Alt Protein Careers team
  • Published on March 12

We're excited to announce the public launch today of our podcast series, Alt Protein Careers with Sam Fisher!

This limited-series podcast engages in insightful conversations with employees and founders in the alt protein space. Sam and his guests delve into the current state of the industry and offer guidance to individuals in the pursuit of a career with meaning.

The podcast is accompanied by a new Instagram account aimed at providing career insights and tips, and connecting people with the alt protein careers community.

We will also be attending a number of upcoming events with our job board and career resources, including Future Food Tech in San Francisco, Harvard’s Food4Thought festival, SF Climate Week, the Duke Alternative Protein Conference, Plant Based World, and the Reducetarian Summit in Dallas.

We hope to see you soon, in person or online!

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